A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

Trauttmansdorff Castle

... an extraordinary botanical garden located in Meran, Italy

The botanic gardens at Schloss Trautmansdorf castle in Meran have been open since June 2001. It is a veritable natural paradise, containing plant life from all over the world. Visitors can embark on a botanical tour of the world along easy, pleasant walkways and view as many as 3,800 different plants.

Paddy field are located close to olive groves and vineyards, while fig trees bear fruit beside aromatic dwarf bushes and evergreen plants. Steps lead to the formal garden laid out in the Italian manner and to the English style shrub garden, as well as to the quiet meditation garden. The steps lead alongside streams which run into the shady water lily pond girded by vegetation rich in colour.

The Dolomites have been declared a World Heritage Natural Site
and are, perhaps, the most beautiful mountains in the world.
The name of the Dolomites, and of dolomite rock ...


Earth pyramids, also called earth pillars, are column-shaped
or conical phenomena caused by erosion in scree and loose rocks
which are mainly formed by heavy rain.