A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

Ötzi – the Iceman

Can you imagine? Ötzi lives!!!

The South Tyrolian museum for archaeology makes the history of fifteen thousand years visible. The most important attraction of the museum is Ötzi, the 5,300 year-old mumny released from the glacier. Apart from these original finds you can admire holographs, audio guides and other things, which invite you to an impressive journey through time. 

At a certain time of year there is a touch of magic about Bozen, when the
streets in the medieval part of the town, the gothic facades, the glittering shops,
the museums and churches become coloured with the warm lights of Christmas.


Look forward to a unique nature holiday on
the Ritten in Alto Adige.
Beautifully appointed
rooms with panoramic balconies await you!