A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

Museum for apiculture Plattner Bienenhof

The over 500 years old Plattner apiary is always worth a visit: a museum to be experienced! Young and old people who enjoy nature and rural culture visit this traditional old farm, either with their families or in groups.

There is also much to see in the cellar bars; old straw hives, honey presses and different beekeeping tools — all originals from South Tyrol. Finally you can also taste and buy different types of this delicious honey.  

True hospitality and the charm of a homey atmosphere
characterizes our fine little hotel. Let all your senses come
to life in this oasis of tranquility for lovers of nature and good cuisine.


Guests, Bozen Citizens, as well as the local residents all love it:
The Ritten Mountain just outside the provincial capital.
A popular holiday destination for hikers, all the family and individuals.