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Earth pyramids - Ritten, South Tyrol

Earth pyramids, also called earth pillars, are column-shaped or conical phenomena caused by erosion in scree and loose rocks (moraine, tuff, chalk) which are mainly formed by heavy rain. Here in Renon, the earth pyramids could have been formed from the corrosion of porphyry, granite and gneiss. As individual stones or blocks protect the finer material below, the earth pyramids are saved from destruction. As soon as the covering stone falls off an earth pyramid, it isn't protected from the falling rain, and will be soaked within a very short time and will eventually be washed away.

On the Ritten you‘ll find several earth pyramids, whereby those in the "Katzenbachtal" below Oberbozen and particularly in the "Finsterbachtal", between Lengmoos and Mittelberg, which are most well-known. Further one finds still earth pyramids in the proximity of Unterinn.

Guests, Bozen Citizens, as well as the local residents all love it:
The Ritten Mountain just outside the provincial capital.
A popular holiday destination for hikers, all the family and individuals.


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