A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

Wine is bottled poetry*

The experimental vineyard at the Geyrerhof

In 2013, we of the Geyrerhof started talks with the association Tirolensis Ars Vini (TAV) regarding the creation, for research purposes, of an experimental area of about 1,000 m² at 1,300 m above sea level in the Naturidylle® as the highest-lying vineyard, where no spraying is carried out and no emissions are to be found.

Together with the Laimburg research institute, under the supervision of institute director Michael Oberhuber and the six grape farmers from the TAV, the early-ripening white wine grape Solaris was planted this summer. It is a so-called PiWi variety, with a natural resistance against the feared fungi Peronospora and mildew blight.

*Robert Louis Stevenson

Cooperation Vinum Hotels South Tyrol

Due to our great passion for wine, we have joined the cooperation Vinum Hotels. The owener Mr. Ramoser is one of the first Member since 07.04.2015 and in committee of the Vinum Hotel South Tirol.

Vinum Hotels: The Vision
International comfort & South Tyrolean hospitality.
Staying in a well-known wine region and getting to know an ancient cultural landscape – that is what makes the South Tyrol Vinum Hotels so unique and exciting.
Each Vinum Hotel is run personally by a passionate wine expert. This builds relationships with the land and its people, surpassing even an ideal holiday.

The estate consists of 10,000 m² (255 acres) surrounding the Geyrerhof.
The high altitude climate, the sunshine, and the fertile soil are
responsible for the wonderful forests, meadows, and pastures.


In our hotel you can find both tasty and wholesome food.
Our cooking includes local and international cuisine
and we use products of our own organic farm.