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at the Geyrerhof!

Wild Game Weeks at the Geyrerhof

Every year in autumn, as part of our "Wild Game Weeks" at the Naturidylle Geyrerhof®, we pamper you with a special five-course game menu or special mushroom dishes and game specialities, from game animals we raised.

And if you would like to have a drink or three of excellent wine or spirits, we offer a 10% discount on an overnight stay - just to give you some downtime.





 Our Restaurant / bar is open til 06.11.2022

every evening 4 course Degustation

by order with vine agreement


only 39,00 € / pers.


Traditional Törggelen

In autumn South Tyrol becomes unique: it's Törggelen time

By mid October, the tart, pungent scent of fermenting wine begins to emerge from the cellars in the old town, walnuts are falling from the trees and locally grown chestnuts appear on market stalls. This is the time when the urge to head up to one of the farmsteads perched on the south-facing mountainsides high above the town becomes irresistible. The new wine is ready for sampling, other fruits of autumn are ripe and what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than soaking up the mild sunshine, eating and drinking the produce of the surrounding vineyards and orchards.

The tradition is called "Törggelen", deriving from an old word for wine press and it revolves around the freshly fermented "Neuer" or new wine. Numerous farmhouses serve simple but delicious Tyrolean country fare at this time of the year, along with autumn fruits, especially roasted chestnuts which are a speciality in the hillsides overlooking South Tyrol's central valleys. Indeed some ancient, gnarled sweet chestnut trees attain massive proportions and are listed as natural monuments. Roasted chestnuts are an excellent accompaniment to the new wine or freshly pressed grape juice.

Buschenschänke for Törggelen on the Ritten

SignatKlobenstein Oberbozen Lengstein Unterinn Wangen
Gasthof Signaterhof
Gasthaus Patschunerhof

Bad Siess
Feichtenerhof Pfoshof
Egater Hof Rielingerhof

Gasthaus Zunerhof

Weingut Ebner Maggnerhof

We here at the idillic place Geyrerhof place great value on
natural products and traditional production methods.
We treasure naturalness!


Look forward to a unique nature holiday on
the Ritten in Alto Adige.
Beautifully appointed
rooms with panoramic balconies await you!