• Mens sana
    in corpore sano

A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

High quality farm products

We here at the Geyrerhof place great value on natural products and traditional production methods. We treasure naturalness! Natural foods are the foundation of our cuisine. Our farm provides the meat, cured ham, cured beef, home-made sausage, game sausage fresh vegetables, different herbs, spices, and much, much more. Pastries or fruit mustard, cheese, you'll find them a mouth watering, tempting treat - which you can enjoy right here or take home with you! 

Farmer Bread

Our hand-made farmer bread, either original
or with figs and nuts, is always a pleasure.
It is baked by the chef himself in an original
stone oven and you get it fresh at dinner.

Home made
smoked Tyrolian ham

Quality ham
22 weeks until ripe
Storage at constant temperature
and always under 20°.

Old secret mix of spices from traditional recipe.

Whiter than snow

We love our country
and the friendliness of the other farmers, too.
They give us cheese and other tasty products.

And the quality is excellent.


Not the egg from Columbus,
but your first smile in the morning.

An egg, what else?  

Red as love

Hot love with raspberries,
tart with raspberries,
jam from raspberries.
You can do so much with the aromatic raspberries
which grow at 1,330 m.

Granny's jam

In summer, when the cherries are ripe,
we climb on the ladder and pick them from the trees.
And then, while you are hiking or swimming,
we make your jam for breakfast.

We think, that's lovely, don't you?!

A sweet snack

Only the best ingredients are in the South Tyrolian strudel:
fresh apples, raisins and nuts.
Imagine enjoying a piece of it with
a cup of coffee on our beautiful terrace.

Elder bloom syrup

What for someone is a an energy drink
is for us Geyrerhof's elder bloom syrup.

Somewhat for large and small.

Apple juice
from controlled cultivation

The South Tyrolian boy loves it,
because of the good taste.

The South Tyrolian girl loves it,
because there are many vitamins in it.

And the hikers love it,
because it quenches their thirst.

In vino veritas

Wine lovers are good looking,
intelligent, sexy and healthy.

Hugh Johnson

Schnapps- ...idea?

Do you know the ingredients for a good brandy?

  • 100% love
  • 14 kg fresh fruits
  • 1 good spirit
  • 8 hours time

45% - 52% Alc.

Products out of the forests

From summer till autumn,
that's the time the whole family loves
- and we are sure you will love it, too:
it's the time for the mushrooms.

Picked freshly out of the forest,
the cook prepares them lovingly for his guests.

Also good for making a fire

Tie knots are annoying.
The wooden, hand-made neckties are different.
Each one is unique.
Put it over your head - and ready for showtime!

In our hotel you can find both tasty and wholesome food.
Our cooking includes local and international cuisine
and we use products of our own organic farm.


The estate consists of 10,000 m² (255 acres) surrounding the Geyrerhof.
The high altitude climate, the sunshine, and the fertile soil are
responsible for the wonderful forests, meadows, and pastures.