A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

In nature - with nature

Our sustainable way of biologic farming is decisive for the special quality of our products, which we offer to our guests in high-quality meals.

An example are our Hungarian Mangalica pigs, whose flesh is of the highest quality: we use it to produce our beloved smoked bacon with no preservatives or other additives. Our butcher has added to our farm's reserves by buying other sort of animals as well. Bio-Beef® from Alto Adige guarantees the proper care and the origin of our beef animals.

Own scottisch Highland Beef, Lamps, Goat an Chicken we have on our mountain cottons in Gissmann,  Mddlegreenwood. (above Corno del Renon - Rittner Horn)

We also raise deer at the idillic place ® Geyrerhof, which is rather special and the first such activity in the area. Thanks to a careful culling plan, and hunting over generations, our restaurant guests have the pleasure of enjoying our new interpretations of wild game dishes.

Most of the remaining foods - such as eggs, for example - come from free-range hens, mostly from local farms in the area. And as tradition prescribes, we still bake our own whole-wheat bread; in our traditional sone oven the process takes two people, three risings and a lot of work!

The estate consists of 10,000 m² (255 acres) surrounding the Geyrerhof. The high altitude climate, the sunshine, and the fertile soil are responsible for the wonderful forests, meadows, and pastures. The manor's animals can wander freely, and the does can care for their calves. The forest supplies not only valuable wood for carpenters and cabinet-makers, but also renewable, ecological energy for all of the Geyrerhof's rooms. "In Nature, with Nature" that's our motto.


By the magic year 2020 we decidet to certifacate our farmhouse ufficial biologic

IT BIO 013

We here at the idillic place Geyrerhof place great value on
natural products and traditional production methods.
We treasure naturalness!


The Geyrerhof is a place for inner peace where you can regenerate yourself.
Here you can find time for your thoughts and dreams.
A pleasant sensation of pure nature.