A warm

at the Geyrerhof!

Geyrerhof chronicle

How it all began ...

Karl Ramoser, born 05.04.1910, was already proud of his family name, which was first documented in 1464. The grandfather of the family bought the 17th century Geyrerhof from the Viennese lord Max Kielmannsegg in 1964. The new owner knew that he would never be able to buy such a wonderful estate again, but he also knew the 6th commandmet of the Bozner shopkeepers whereby the yearly summer holiday on the Ritten had to be adhered to. Ramoser wanted to turn the estate into a family run business.

Various events led to the signing of the contract on a sunny winter day in 1964. A neighbour of Karl Ramoser, Lord Toggenburg, who had a summerhouse in the nearby village of Maria Himmelfahrt, kept his horse at his farm. The two became good friends over the years, and it was Lord Toggenburg who suggested that Karl Ramoser bought the Geyrerhof from his nephew, as he didn't have the funds himself.

Even though the estate was not cheap, Ramoser bought it without discussing the price. His comment was:

"Such luck is a gift from God!"

The Geyrerhof is a place for inner peace where you can regenerate yourself.
Here you can find time for your thoughts and dreams.
A pleasant sensation of pure nature.


The estate consists of 10,000 m² (255 acres) surrounding the Geyrerhof.
The high altitude climate, the sunshine, and the fertile soil are
responsible for the wonderful forests, meadows, and pastures.