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Guests, Bozen Citizens, as well as the local residents all love it: The Ritten Mountain just outside the provincial capital. A popular holiday destination for hikers, all the family and individuals. Summer holiday tradition par excellence and a number of natural beauty spots await the friends of this climatically wonderful town, which inspires you and offers inspiration not only to artists and philosophers.

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Welcome to the Geyrerhof

Discover the Naturidylle Geyrerhof®

Route: Directly from the hotel down to the red 6 path, left at the first crossroads, by the Kaseracker along the Gstrahl Meadows Biotope and then towards the woods, parallel to the somewhat bumpy road up to the red 6A path and back to the 14(Zaggler) turn left arriving back to he 6 of the "Natural Resort Naturidylle Geyrerhof®".

Walking time: 3/4 hour
Difficulty: none

Good to know:

Don't forget to pick up the resot key at the reception before you start the walk

At the "Kaserhof" you will see various farm animals, plus lamas and alpacas. Children can run and jump as they wish.

Trekking and Jogging

Fit for Fun

Route: Directly from the Naturidylle Geyrerhof® towards the woods on the red 6A path and left to the paved main road. The actual running path starts after about 30 m (green railings) on path 16 both going and coming.


Note: Don't forget to pick up the Resort Key for the Idillic resort wooden door

Walk among the alms on the Ritten

Parts of this are somewhat steep and strenuous, but not a problem for expert walkers.

Route: Direct from the Naturidylle® Geyrerhof® towards the woods on the red 6A path, left to the main road, turn left again from there, 150 m on path 16, further over Schelmsteig 32 to Oberinn (1300 m) to the public school, and from there path 4A goes up to the still partly untouched Oberinner Wiesen to Roßwagen. From there it is a five-minute walk to Manuela's snack bar in Mittelgrünwald.

To the left is our mountain lodge and the picturesque village of Gissmann. Along path 4 to the „Auf der Schian” chapel, then branch off down to the Saltnerhütte and take paths 1, 1A and 1B to Bad Sieß.

Path 24 starts there and goes down the earth pyramids in the gorge of the Finsterbach. Follow path 24 to Lengmoos and Klobenstein. From the station Klobenstein, travel with the comfy narrow-gauge railway back to Lichtenstern Oberbozen.

Walking time: about 6 hrs
Difficulty: it is a long walk, one should be in good shape
Good to know: The flora and fauna are protected on the Oberinner Wiesen.
Shortly before his downfall, Mussolini had intended to hide on a remote old farm in Gissmann.

Geyrerhof - Oberinn - Rittnerhorn


From the Naturidylle® in the direction of the forest, right along hiking trail no. 6A red and at Gstrahl left no. 18 red to the Lobis junction, via the Schelmsteig (no. 32 red) to Oberinn. 200 m along the main road to path no. 4 red, across the beautiful Oberinner meadows to the Roßwagen Refreshment stop in Gissmann near Manuela - Mittelgrünwaldhof (closed on Thursdays) and on to the wayside shrine on the "Schian" Alpe. (Picture South Tyrol hiking). Now downhill via no. 1 red to the Saltnerhütte and via no. 1A and 3B red to Bad Sieß.

 On the way back from No. 24 red/8 red, past the Tann via No. 6 red in the direction of Oberbozen, past the llamas, surrounded by meadows and forests, you can already see the beautifully situated natural idyll of the Geyrerhof® from afar.

Walking time: 6 1/2 hrs
Difficulty: it is a long walk, one should be in good shape

Good to know:

Please don't forget to pick up the keyat the reception from the idillic resort door, before you start thanks

The Rittner Theme Path

Nostalgia on the Ritten

The Rittner Theme Path gives you the chance to experience 9 particularities of a astonishing landscape in South Tyrol. During a relaxing trekking you will discover different stations and their phenomena with specific explanations.

  1. The course is set for the train of Ritten
    that has connected different places on the Ritten since 1907 Maria Himmelfahrt, Oberbozen, Wolfsgruben, Lichtenstern and Klobenstein.
  2. Trekking on the emperor's tracks
    Already in times of the indigenous there was a path on the Ritten that became the emperor's way in the end. Over 60 historically documented rides of emperors are documented on that path because the Eisack valley was impassable.
  3. A dry chapter
    The Ritten consists of porphyr. This stone is very jointed. Since ice age there was few decomposition crumb in South Tyrol, that is needed to absorb rain water in chtonic reservoirs, therefore all the rain water flows off and is lost forever for the Ritten.
  4. Fascinating coming and going
    On the Ritten you will see many earth pyramids that are unique in their height and beautiful form compared to others in Europe . They emerge trough erosion from the soil and are quickly doomed.
  5. Silent witnesses of geology
    The reason for the evolution of the earth pyramids is to be found in the nature and earth history. In the late ice age moraine clay deposits formed 15 m high walls with big stones in it and the earth pyramids were in the very sense of the word washed out of this wall.
  6. The magenta stone
    The Ritten is located geologically in the area of the quartz porphyry. The quartz porphyry is a very hard stone. Its appearance is different, mostly red, therefore its name. The middle age word porphyreum means purple or magenta.
  7. Honour to St Georg and St James
    The ancient chapel in Oberbozen was firstly mentioned in 1289. There is not much left from that time though, just the walls and the apse. In the 17 century the barrel vault was erected and also the windows. You can ask the key for this little chapel at the Tourism Information Centre in Oberbozen at the train station (Tel. +39 0471 345245)
  8. A historical train
    1905 was decided in the council of Bozen that a rack railway should be built from Bozen to Ritten. 1906 the construction of the rack railway began under Riehl Constructions Concern and was ended after 18 months.
  9. Escape the summer heat
    500 years ago the summer resort Ritten was discovered. The patrician families of Bozen came to Ritten in the summer to escape from the heat in the valley in Bozen. They have had their locations in Maria Himmelfahrt, Oberbozen, Lengmoos and Klobenstein since than, and are wonderful constructions witnessing that glorious time.


Download Rittner Theme Path (pdf)

Reading tip: "Naturnahes Wandern in Südtirol" (Nature Walks in Alto Adige)

The Hotel grew out of an original farmhouse dating back to the 17th century. In 1974 it was turned into the current rustic, comfortable and cozy restaurant you see today, lying almost hidden barely 1 km above the center of the village of Oberbozen, in the heart of nature.

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Download an excerpt of the book "Naturnahes Wandern in Südtirol" (pdf)

Earth pyramids, also called earth pillars, are column-shaped
or conical phenomena caused by erosion in scree and loose rocks
which are mainly formed by heavy rain.



The Geyrerhof not only offers a 360° panoramic view
of the mountains, but also possibilities for an active holiday.